Disil stuffs

Welcome to Disil Stuffs, a blog where I write about my life experiences and some of my thoughts about life.

Who am I?😄

I am Satria, often called Disil on the internet. I'm a high school student at Serang, Banten, Indonesia. I like to write in my blog about random things, mostly about tech.

My current project💪

  1. Belajar buat lomba KSN Ekonomi 2023
  2. Learn proper english buat modal biar bisa ikut Beasiswa Indonesia Maju ke luar negeri pas kelas 11
  3. Buat cerita bertema persahabatan (yang ini beneran terlaksana, judulnya Destiny ada di blog AAD, baca yak
  4. Melanjutkan cerita Detektif Aji
  5. Recharge myself (capek gw dengan pressure dari ortu)
  6. Cari temen online (lagi proses pendekatan)
  7. Bikin novel baru


If you want to know more about me, or you are interested to have a talk with me, you can contact me through:

I'll try to be a good listener if you have something to vent about😁. I'm quite demanding (in terms of response) soo I'm not the type of person who ghosts someone unless they ghost me.

Btw congrats ya bagi orang-orang terpilih yang bisa baca blog ini :)

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