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Hi, and welcome to All About Disil. My mission here is to make “actual technology” came to reality accessible for everyone. This “motto” comes back in 2018 2016, when 1 of my friend don’t know anything about email. Even though he did use smartphone for a long time, he never use email. So, one day when his teacher needs to send an attachment, and asking his email, he didn’t knew anything. This occasion is often happens in teenagers. They already uses technology, for gaming, social media, etc. But they didn’t knew the basic things (e.g they believe if you activate WiFi on your phone = internet access everywhere, even in the middle of forest). Such a shame.

Anyway, I’m also a teenager, whose hobbies is to of course, gaming. I created a few games tutorial on this blog, and that kind of post is quite popular. So yeah, I created a few more. It went viral, even though I make it one day only.

So what does this blog is focusing on?

Well, I would say it is a mix of technology-stuff with random and stories stuff. Recently I feel like I want to make hundreds of story, even though I’m quite easily burned out. I also would not phase out the advanced tech stuff, because well I also want this blog to be able to accommodate them too.

It begins in 2012

For stories, I’ve doing it for a long time, since I was kindergarten, in 2012. I was tired playing Flash Games (yes, those nostalgia hit hard), and wanted something new. I finally discovered story writing. Almost every week, I would create a new stories+characters+themes. Of course its not interesting, like that one title: “Ahmad goes to his grandmother houses” (yes I’m very creative back then /s). After a few months, I’m burned out. Around July-august of 2014 I discovered something’s new, a site named Blogger. It was so hyping.

I mess around with some settings, and clicked on random things (it was in 2013). One of them is “Delete all posts”. Because I don’t know what is English (back then I don’t even knew that United Kingdom and USA is a different thing), I confirmed my action and BOOM, all my posts are gone.

May 2014 – December 2016: Situs Disil

After that, I take a long break (about 1 years or less). It was around second-grade when I decided to recreate all of this whole Blog thingy. I also created a character named Disil, it just randomly shows up on my mind back then. Later on, I would use this character as a username on all of my internet accounts. This is where “Situs Disil” is born. Its first & the most popular post was “Operasi Amandel dan Adenoid” (translated as “Tonsil and Adenoid Operations”). Its based on my real life experiences.

January 2017 – September 2017: Get bored

In these period my motivation to writing on Blog has significantly reduced. I still commit to my weekly post scheduling, but I only write a post with one or two paragraph. In this time I also get interested in coding webpages, so I (kind of) abandoned my blog. In 28 September of 2017, I posted a post called “Cara Melihat Google Street View di Google Maps” (translated as “How to look at street view with Google Maps”), and this is the final post on Situs Disil.

October 2017 – December 2018: Hiatus

After that post is published, I logout from my account, and never look back at Situs Disil. That time my interest in Coding are at the highest, I learned HTML+CSS+JavaScript+Python. Also I created an audiobook in my project, called “Bis Tua dan Lolo”.

December 2018 – October 2020: Regularly writing on this blog

One day around December, I read a news that says “Blogger is dead, move to WordPress!”. I suddenly remembered that I have a blog on Blogger. I went to my blog, and of course going into a time travel. I’m inspired to create a new one, with fresh content, providers, and my new skills. On 21 December of 2018, I created a new blog, called All About Disil, with the first post called “Perkenalan” (translated as “Introduction”).

In 2019-2020, I wrote regularly on this blog. Although only a few handful of people read them, I am happy about it. The Covid outbreak are making this activity as one of my primary 'job' beside school.

December 2020 - August 2021: Becoming viral

My first success (in terms of traffic) was when I created “How to install The Sims 2 on Windows 10). As per August 2021, this post already reach to 2,000+ views, from worldwide. I have created companion post in hope to 'get more viewer' and it did not work as I expected.

August 2021 – June 2022: 2nd hiatus & code on bearblog

After the “high traffic wave” of my blog has ended, I started to think about my next big project for ’10th anniversary of Disil’. Then this idea popping out of my head:

All About Disil that is manually created from zero)

With my limited coding skills, I try to make a whole blog from zero, using Glitch & Eleventy framework. This is considered as a failed experiment now, because Glitch is not designed to be a blogging platform. It run into issues when I put many blog post from Wordpress. After this project, I abandoned all of my plan for the tenth year anniversary. In fact, I entered the second hiatus era, only posting a few post in September 2021 - February 2022.

I did Junior High School exam on March 2022, causing me to forget my blog even further, hence why there are no post in March & April.

In May 2022, I found a new blogging platform called Bear, which focuses on simplicity. You can do the styling part yourself, which is fun for me, reminiscing the good old time. I have plan to move the entire AAD into Bear, because WP is no longer lightweight, with more & more features being added.

June 2022 - Present: Focused on All About Disil

I was going to enter a boarding school in early august. So I prepared a lot of post, because I knew I will not be able to maintain my blog after entering boarding school, which has a strict rules about using handphone/laptop. Well after a lot of consequences, I decided to not to enter them. Read more about it on '4 sekolah' which tells story about my high school choices (it’s in Indonesian).

In November of 2022, I lost my interest on moving my blog to Bear. It is too much effort, so I pause the project.

And here I am now, still making post in this blog. I hope I can continue this long-time hobbies until forever :)

And that concludes the 'about me' page. Be sure to check out my other blog post :)


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