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Adopted #3 - A surprise

After the incident with the broken glasses, Luke knew that he was practically blind without them, but he didn't want to show it to Jake. He didn't want to make Jake feels bad for him.

He squinted his eyes so much as he tried to message his doctor for a new pair, but it was difficult to see his phone. "Oh my god, this is so hard," as he deletes a typo in his message.

Accidentally, he ended up sending the message to his football teammate's online group chat instead. "Finally, I made it." Luke sigh. His phone died shortly after because of a low battery, and he never realized his mistake.

Meanwhile, his teammates were confused by the message they received from Luke.

"Hey, what happened?" one teammate asked.

"I have no idea," another replied. "All he said was 'Need new glasses ASAP.'"

"Maybe he broke his glasses or something," a third teammate said.

"Oh, that makes sense," a fourth teammate chimed in. "I heard that Luke had really bad vision. Let's hope that he's able to somehow find the solution."

"How if we visit him tomorrow? Maybe he had a hard time seeing his phone and needs real help," Lloris said, the former team captain. They agreed to visit him the next morning.

As they discussed the strange message, Luke was busy cleaning the guest room for Jake. He would cough a lot because the amount of dust is unbearable. After a few hours, at 10 P.M he finished.

"Jake, come here," said Luke. "This room is for you, I clean it up, I hope you'll enjoy it and have some privacy" Luke added. Jake nodded, and he is grateful for the room. He never had 'privacy' before when he lived with his father-in-law, and now he had a room, although small, it is for him. He jumped on the bed and laugh.

Luke smiled from the outside of the room. He turned off the lights, come to his bed, charged his phone, and then sleep.

The next morning, Jake woke Luke up with a gentle shake. "Luke, pro football players are knocking on the door," he said.

Luke groggily woke up and made his way to the door. As he approached, he could hear the sound of someone pounding on the wood. He opened the door to find a group of his former teammates standing on his front porch.

"Woah Luke, you look like you need help with your face," Lloris said when he looks that Luke's hair was messy and Luke's eyes squinting. Luke nodded shyly, and moan.

"Hey, Luke, what's going on?" one of them asked. "We got your message about needing new glasses ASAP, and we wanted to make sure you were okay."

Luke's face turned red as he realized his mistake from the night before. "Oh no, I accidentally sent that message to the group chat," he said, while he scratching his head.

"Don't worry about it," his teammate replied, laughing. "We're just glad you're okay. We brought you old glasses that you've left at our base a few years ago, we hope it's still fine to wear."

Luke smiled, as he put the glasses back. He is happy because his eyesight has turned HD again.

He thanked them and invited them in for breakfast, which he and Jake had prepared together. As they sat around the table, one of them said "Luke, we need your help!" urgently. "We're in the middle of a crisis and we need you to come back and play for us."

Luke was taken aback by the request. He had retired from professional football for good and had no intention of returning to the game. But he could see the desperation in his teammates' eyes, and he knew that he had to do something to help.

"Woah, that escalated quickly," Luke said. "What happened guys? I'm old, I may be not as good as I used to be. I also don't have the young spirit anymore." he shows his thinning hair.

"It's a long story," one of his teammates replied. "But the short version is that our star player got injured and we don't have anyone to replace him. We've tried everyone else on the team, but no one can fill his shoes. We need you, Luke. You're our only hope."

"I don't know, guys," he said, shaking his head. "I'm not sure I'm up to it. I'm 38 years old now, and I haven't played in years. I had adopted a kid now, and I don't want to leave him alone."

"Please, Luke," another teammate begged. "We need you. We'll do whatever it takes to help you get back in shape. Just give us a chance. You can bring your son to our exercise, as long as he didn't mess up our schedule."

"Okay, I'll do it," he said, reluctantly. "But I'll need some time to get back in shape and prepare for the games."

"We understand," his teammates said, grateful for his willingness to help. "We'll give you all the support you need to get back on the field."

In the background, Jake was going crazy with excitement. He was thrilled to see Luke returning to professional football, and he couldn't wait to see him back on the field.

As Luke's teammates prepared to leave, Jake ran up to them and hugged each one of them, thanking them profusely for "inviting Luke back."

"Thank you so much!" he exclaimed. "I can't wait to see Luke back on the field!"

The teammates chuckled at Jake's enthusiasm, but they were touched by his appreciation.

"It's no problem, Jake," one of them said, patting him on the back. "We're glad to have Luke back on the team. He's an amazing player and a great leader."

Jake beamed with pride, knowing that he had played a small part in bringing Luke back to the game. He couldn't wait to see his new brother in action, and he knew that he would support him every step of the way.

Days passed, and Luke started to exercise again. Luke knew that he was weak, and he's don't have the spirit anymore. But he is determined to do it for Jake.

to be continued


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