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Last weekend I installed Windows 11 onto my laptop. At the time version 22H2 has been released for about 3 day. I'm excited to see what Microsoft offers in this first W11 big updates.

After a lot of problem creating Windows USB bootable stick from Linux, I finally found the solution by using Ventoy. How dumb I was not using Ventoy much earlier, this tool would've save me MORE time on burning Linux iso to USB. Had I discover it earlier I may have a lot of distros review in this blog πŸ₯²

It boots onto Windows installation setup. AFAIK the setup hasn't been changed since the born of Windows 8. It still use the same purplish color on the background, and semi-aero design on some titlebar, and Windows 8 'metro' design on some buttons. Typical Windows UI consistencies problem of course.

windows 11 setup screen with start now button

After that part has done, I was greeted by the legendary *Just a moment.. loading throbber from Windows 10. The main differences are the font used & the background is now black. This screen pop ups for a few time. Then sometimes it just restart the laptop & go to the same screen again.

just a moment loading throbber showed

It's time for OOBE. The interface has been redesigned, it no longer includes Cortana by default, which is a great thing. But, it introduces more annoyances, like the MS Account strict requirement especially if you have the Home license.

Redditor have said that 'you can easily bypass it by disconnecting internet'. I think that isn't the most effective way to bypass it. Why the requirements are there in the first place?

Because I want to get back my Offic Home & Student 2021 back (from my laptop OEM), I typed my MS account info, and logged in.

The OOBE continues with a few more useless options like privacy settings. I said useless because there is no privacy when you're using Windows you're basically always being spied anytime anywhere. Disabling the tracking options from Windows is useless because another information will still be sent.

After OOBE completed it brings us to this lovely cool screen:

black screen with text: this might take a few minutes

The purple circle on the background moves & change its color gradually over time, like lava lamp. I really like thatπŸ˜™

Finally after 1 more restart, it bring me to the Windows 11 desktop. It took about 30 minutes to install on SSD, so it will probably took much more time on conventional HDD.

Windows 11 desktop with start menu opened

This is the main addition in Windows 11; start menu in center. It looks like Mac from novice eye It shine so bright on my screen, I try to reduce the backlight (screen brightness) using F3 and F4 function key, and it doesn't work. For a few moments there I was thinking that 'oh well I forgot to update my laptop', but then I also remember that this .iso has only just've release for about 3 days ago.

Welcome to The Realm of Lost Driver

Fiddling around with SN & SNID has lead me to the manufacturer website (Acer) and downloading all my driver. I can't download it on my laptop because it hasn't had WiFi driver yet, so I need to use my phone, and transfer it to laptop. I ended up downloading all drivers on midnight, and coming back to my laptop the next day.

Installing OEM driver is not as easy as it sound. Most of them are outdated, and I need to download updates for them. Welcome to Windows where you're forced to update everything every week so that your laptop 'become more performant'. At least that is better than Linux situation (in some cases) where even if you spend some time on it, the printer would not just work at all.

Yeah, this post is much longer than I thought it would be, so I would split this post to the future post, where I will talk mainly about the software situation on Windows. See you!

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