Disil stuffs

Update 11

Sudah banyak pos dari All About Disil yang dipindah ke sini. Masih ada banyak hal yang perlu aku siapkan untuk migrasi dari Wordpress ke Bear. Anyway, aku tetap melakukan development fitur baru di Bear. Berikut changelognya.


  1. Print-specific page style. Just print with the browser function, and it will cut out useless buttons & leave you with a pure post. You can save it as a PDF or you can even print it out to a real paper!
  2. All image in this site are now ensured to have alt text for max accessibility.
  3. All multimedia stuff (e.g image, video, etc) in this blog are now responsive. This means that the content will increase/decrease it's size according to device size correctly.


  1. Blockquote on dark theme are now dark blue-ish
  2. Code are properly styled now, not too big.


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