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Update 9

I have re-learned CSS code, so this update introduces some cool new effects on my website. Don’t worry, I ensure all of the new effect introduced not making the blog less accessible.

Speaking about accessibility, this blog is now partially supported on older browser, like IE8. On the other side, this update is special on bear, there are no equivalent update on WP, and this update is also the first official update on Bear.


  1. Dark theme is now available and will automatically enabled when dark mode in your system is turned on
  2. Blockquote is now styled with blue line beside it to make them distinguishable from normal paragraph
  3. Support for Internet Explorer 10 and above. Partial support are also available for IE 8 & 9
  4. Tutorial categories on navbar
  5. Links are shaded when being hovered
  6. All images are in figure now with optional caption displayed when necessary


  1. Background color is now blue, same as WP
  2. Font on header is now Arial instead of Verdana
  3. Image figure corner is rounded
  4. Alt text is now explaining the content of image with disabilites people in mind, so they can illustrate the image
  5. Links are more clear now, removing ‘click here’ kind of stuff.
  6. Footer size is decreased


Home navbar, because the main page can also be accessed from header

Known issues

  1. Images does not have width and height attribute. This may cause images to exceed screen size
  2. Favicon is missing (defect, until Bear support embed icon from custom URL)
  3. CSS code are cluttered


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