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KDE Connect is terrific

So I tried KDE Connect and it works perfectly. I really like the 'filesystem expose' feature, where you can access your Android phones (selected) files on Dolphin (KDE file manager) in PC, without USB connection or bluetooth. You just need to connect to the same WiFi to do it.

I take the whole integration feature more seriously. I create desktop shortcut to all those folder that are on my phone. Because KDE Connect autostart on boot, I don't have to repeatedly pair my phone to my pc. It just works!

The next thing I will do is integrating Amarok or VLC to play mp3 from my phone in PC. I hope it work without hassle.

I will also integrate my .md files which I usually wrote on my phone Markor app, to PC, so that I can change my ideas & daily journal, no matter it is on PC or on phone.

Well done KDE devs, you guys made me hesitant to change to another desktop environments👍


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