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The third post on this blog

As the title says, it is a fact that this post is the 3rd one. Actually, I have tried to move some post from WordPress to Bearblog, and it did worked. The only issues I have was the formatting, as I have not yet familiarized with Markdown. I use to be developing HTML but I am focused on the technical side (margins, menu, css etc) instead of content (including the formatting).

About 10 post has already been converted from WP to Bearblog. I have to manually convert them one by one, because there are no automatic post converter, unlike when I migrate from Blogger to WP. Some post may or may not look he same as they did in WordPress.

In the other side, I have no problem with the tags system, date system (you can 'fake' your post publishing date so it look like the post has been published long ago but it actually does not), templates (I have experimenting on the custom template, where they use 'classless CSS'.

In the future, when I post new WP post, it will also be posted on Bearblog.

- 1 toast